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Liquid Level Sensors

Harsh Enviroments

Measure Tech liquid level sensors are installed in aircraft fuel, lavatory tanks and engine oil tanks.

Measure Tech’s Fuel High Level Sensor is installed into one of the most critical environments of the aircraft. Constantly submerged in fuel, this Level Sensor created a new engineering challenge. An improvement was made by a new surface treatment ensuring that the internal electronics remained sealed from fuel exposure.

Our Fuel High Level Sensor has been tested to RTCA DO-160 standards for: •Explosive Atmosphere •Fluid Immersion with temperature in addition to •functional testing at temperature extremes during the FAA-PMA qualification process.

Innovative Design

Utilizing differential temperature measurement, Measure Tech’s Low Oil Level and Fuel High level Sensors compete with OEM product with long lead times and poor reliability.

With an expertise in manufacturing sensing devices, Measure Tech has incorporated product improvements that increase overall reliability - saving operators money beyond just part pricing.

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