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Measure Tech's SiO2 cable assemblies are the ideal choice for applications requiring phase stability and high performance in extreme operating environments.


  • Silicone Dioxide Dielectric
  • 50 ohm nominal impedance
  • Hermetically sealed cable assembly
  • Cable can withstand temperatures exceed 900°C
  • Connectors can be made to withstand temperature exposures in excess of 600°C
  • Excellent Phase stability over temperature (does not exhibit PTFE "knee")
  • Semi-rigid (can be hand formed)
  • Can be bent per customer's requirements
  • Cables can be phase matched
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Measure Tech Advantage

The Measure Tech SiO2 cables and hermetically sealed connectors are designed and manufactured in house with very little outsourcing. As a result, Measure Tech can offer lead times that cannot be matched and some cable configurations that can be produced rapidly.

In addition, our qualified engineering team is available to help solve your program's challenges.

Cable Design

For over 20 years Measure Tech has provided SiO2 semi ridged microwave cable assemblies for use in high temperature applications where no other microwave cable would not survive.

Formulating the high purity (99.98+%) fumed silicon dioxide dielectric years of research and experimentation. The result is a process where a-quartz is converted to ß-quartz which provides a lower density and dielectric constant to Teflon wrapped PTFE coaxial microwave cables.

The advantage SiO2 cable has over standard cable is a temperature rating from -270°C to 1,000°C while maintaining the most exceptional properties of low loss and phase stability.

Current cable offers include diameters of 0.090", 0.125", 0.142", 0.200", and 0.275" with customer configurations available.

SiO2 Cable

Connector Design

Hermetically sealed connectors are designed and manufactured at Measure Tech using specially formulated crack free glass. Polycrystalline glass ceramic, developed by Measure Tech combined with super alloys allow the connectors the ability to operate to 600°C and above. 100% of connectors are Helium leak tested to 1x10^8cc/sec prior to cable assembly. Connectors are manufactured per military specifications such as SMA, N, and TNC. Custom connectors can be designed to meet customer's requirements.

Cable and Connector Integration

Cables are cut to length in accordance with customer requirements. Both ends are prepped and the cables are pressurized (backfilled) with 100% Helium prior to the installation of connectors. The assembly is electrically tested for electrical performance and then welding is performed in house using automated welding machines to ensure repeatability.

All welds are qualified which includes cross-sectioning samples and measuring weld penetration.

Each cable when complete is tested to assure the final product leak rate does not exceed 1x10^8cc/sec of Helium. As a final inspection process, electrical testing is performed on 100% of cable assemblies and data is provided to the customer.

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